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Business Not as usual

Co-Creation at its best in Companies, Organizations & Governments

Everything is Energy

Frequency matters

I lived and worked in Moscow in the 1990s. At that time, it was not uncommon for Western and Russian business partners to get into disputes psychologically, legally or even physically. To this day, this is still the way we deal with each other in business, politics or family life all over the world when we seem to be getting nowhere by peaceful means.

My professional and private experiences in this area inspired me to embark on a lifelong journey of research. Today I know without a doubt that there is a better way and always viable way!

It provides absolute clarity and a higher perspective on people and situations, which always leaves room for connection and resolution – without side effects.

Everyone who leads and is responsible for other people today needs this knowledge and the associated skills in the areas of soul connection, vibrational awareness and energy sensitivity in order to be able to inspire and co-create the change that is now pending in companies, governments and organizations in all social and political areas. I support conscious teams in developing these skills and using them effectively for themselves and our world.

Claudia is brilliant, wise and sensitive. Working with her enriches me, my team and my family in many ways. Spasibo ogromnoe!!!
Entrepreneur, Penza/Russia
In Claudia I found the perfect guide: emphatic, clear and blessed with wonderful intuition. I’m looking forward to more!
Attorney, Hüttenberg
Claudia is a master of connection with a very fine sense of what happens in and between people. And she asks the right questions!
Entrepreneur, Göttingen
I’m feeling fantastic. Working with you has brought a lot into shape. I think I feel really at home for the first time in my life and without a specific place.
Entrepreneur, Dresden

I am currently redesigning my offers for teams. Feel free to write to me if you cannot wait :-)!

“When you stay in your head, you’re dead.”

– Anthony Robbins

Humans who integrate heart, body, and mind become happy, powerful, loving, highly effective, and gracefully effortless Beings. Awake leaders who achieve this integration for themselves and their teams can play pivotal roles in mastering the current changes and can literally heal our world. This is a business of us all. And the time is now!

Inner work is no wizardry! It is simple. It moves mountains. And it needs nothing but an open mind and your clear commitment.