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Business Not as usual

Your Next Level of Being at Work

Everything is Energy

Frequency matters

Everything is energy and vibration, every body cell, every atom, every quantum particle that makes up matter, every word, every thought and every emotion that flows through us humans. A single person therefore already represents a huge and extremely complex individual energy field. And as we are more than one individual together, we create – consciously or unconsciously – a common field whose size and

complexity exceeds that of the individual by far. The nature and interaction of these energy fields determines everything that subsequently manifests itself externally, e.g. as a flow of communication, as what we call a person’s vibe or as the specific outcome at the end of a meeting. We all have the ability to sense these fields and to deliberately navigate them. As long as we do it in an unconscious way, anything can happen. And we wonder. Yet it is easy to remember and bring them back into awareness. I help you remember!

Claudia is brilliant, wise and highly intuitive. Working with her enriches me, my team and my family in many ways. Spasibo ogromnoe!!!
Entrepreneur, Penza/Russia
In Claudia I found the perfect guide: emphatic, clear and blessed with wonderful intuition. I’m looking forward to more!
Attorney, Hüttenberg
Claudia is a master of energy & connection with a very fine sense of what happens in and between people. And she asks the right questions!
Entrepreneur, Göttingen
I’m feeling fantastic. Working with you has brought a lot into shape. I think I feel really at home for the first time in my life and without a specific place.
Entrepreneur, Dresden

Frequency Architecture

for your team

I design my energy and frequency work for teams in collaboration with a small, select group of colleagues, based on the project size and your requirements. Together with you, we deliberately design and hold energy fields tailored to your particularly relevant meetings and the desired results. We re-equip you with the knowledge of the existence and interaction of your energy fields. And we reactivate in you the related skills to consciously sense these fields and to deliberately shape them yourself into specific results.

At present you can book us and our support in two ways …


High Frequency – MEETINGS
We energetically design and facilitate your highly relevant meetings with you. In the course of the process, we train 1-3 multipliers within your team who can then continue and develop this work in-house.


Next Level Energetic Upgrade – BUSINESS & ORGANIZATIONS
While your day-to-day business maintains uninterrupted, we accompany your team through a customized energetic upleveling process. In the course of this, we first train your management team in individual mentoring rooms that are easy to reconcile with everyday life, in which they learn to deliberately lead and manage their own energy field. In further steps, we also implement this at team level and train multipliers within your team.

For more information and an individual offer, please book a free consultation with us!


Deliberate frequency architecture activates …

  1. 1. passion
  2. 2. health
  3. 3. aliveness
  4. 4. ease
  5. 5. emotional intelligence
  6. 6. creativity
  7. 7. peace
  8. 8. excellence
  1. 9. higher order
  2. 10. clarity
  3. 11. fokus
  4. 12. ressources
  5. 13. Intuition
  6. 14. authenticity
  7. 15. efficiency
  8. 16. good timing

“Everything is energy. And that is all there is to it.”

– Albert Einstein

People who deliberately nourish, nurture and manage their energy field in a self-empowered way are happy, powerful, loving and highly effective. And they achieve this with outrageous ease. Conscious leaders in companies, organizations and governments who integrate this Next Level of Being at Work for themselves and their teams will become key players for the change that is needed in the world today. We’re all in this together. And your time is now!