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Individual Sessions

Falling in love with Life

We all need


In an increasingly complex world, we will find it more and more difficult to cope without an honest and deep introspection. It takes a counterpart, who is awake and free from judgement, who holds the space, sometimes your hand and always the light on your way. We can find such a counterpart in nature – the sky, the earth, the plant and animal kingdoms – and we find it in another human being, meeting us in truth. You can recognize the latter as they neither judge nor want to ‘fix’ you. They see you in your light, no matter the darkness in which you are groping. They feel with you, without suffering with you. They are touchable and vulnerable.


What we can
talk about

  1. 1. A sense of radical self-acceptance of the person you are in every moment of your life.
  2. 2. A greater clarity about what you want from life, where you are heading, and what wants to be born out of you.
  3. 3. A sense of peace, trust and aliveness in your life.
  4. 4. A clear connection with your inner guidance system.
  1. 5. A greater balance of masculine and feminine energies within you, and more closeness and openness in all of your relationships.
  2. 6. A new way of relating to your life experiences, acknowledging your wounds and becoming conscious of your view of the world.
  3. 7. Your life and love story.

Dear Claudia, the conversations with you warm my heart. Your energy touches me and I am able to heal. 1000 thanks!
Physiotherapist, Münster
My Birthday Soul Walk in the nature reserve ‘Tegeler Fließ’, Berlin … Five hours just for me, my feet were allowed to carry me at my pace and in the directions that felt good to them. Being heard and seen in all my facets. Releasing blocks and returning to flow, guided by Claudia’s gentle, clear and to the point questions and rituals. I feel beautifully gifted!
Medical doctor, Hannover
Claudia, talking to you helped me so much! Finally I feel the happiness, confidence and above all that trust again, that I had been missing for so long! My perspective changed, and I know things will be easier now!
Physicist, Düsseldorf
The conversation with you was the most important conversation of my life!
Tenor, Düsseldorf
I walk my authentic path. And Claudia supports me with it. I often find out surprising things through her, and I understand how strong and unique I am. That gives me a lot of courage!
Photographer, Potsdam
With her amazing presence, Claudia is able to create a space of openness in which new perspectives and paths arise for me again and again. I experience with awe and fascination that it is especially the small impulses out of the silence that open my doors, and that it also works very well with you virtually. Thank you, Claudia!
Sound Therapist & Coach, Berlin

1:1 Coaching

levels you up

The one thing that is certain in our world is change. Sometimes  it comes along quite challenging. And it always holds great riches. Often we withdraw in such times and try to survive as best we can. However, especially in these situations, it is essential to allow ourselves support and companionship. One of my most important keys throughout the years has been to never walk alone. We need each other! And we all need sessions …

  • in person
  • on Zoom or Skype
  • by phone
  • in my practice in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg or
  • on a walk in nature (walking session)
Soul Journeys

If you are experiencing complex changes, an important transition phase, a great letting go process, maybe want to completely reinvent yourself or even stand before a true quantum leap, if you want to go ALL IN, with all that you are and are ready to let life truly guide you, then this is the space that carries you safely into your new world. Master your emotions and thoughts, become aware of who you are and create the life you want.

Are you ready for your new story?

Then book a free consultation with me, and together we will create a safe path that will take you to a new level.

Soul Journey 6 months/24 sessions – 4.900.00 EUR*

*All fees include applicable value added tax.

Impulse Sessions

Some issues just need a gentle nudge, a higher perspective, a new impulse, or simply space to feel yourself again and talk your soul free.

90 minutes – 150,00 EUR*

Soul Walks

This is a gift to yourself, with which you can ring in a new year of life or a new project, or simply give yourself extensive space to sweep out inner cobwebs and clear away the clouds in your heart and head. Or maybe you want to find an answer to a specific question. You spend a day with me at magical places in nature. We walk, talk, sense, breathe, write. We are in contemplation with nature and in silence, and we are on a journey of discovery to explore completely new pages of the infinite story of your life. A day that nourishes, moves, inspires and reminds you. A day to sift and sort, to align, let go, surrender and receive. A day to write the new story that you are now ready to live and share with the world.

I take care of everything. You bring yourself, clothes suitable for the season and a small gift for nature. Date, place and time by arrangement.

Approx. 4 hours incl. preparation/food/follow-up
– 990,00 Euro*


Book your free 30 minute consultation!

As a result

  1. 1. you stop being stuck and going in circles
  2. 2. you discover a fundamental connection with life that supports you
  3. 3. you relax deeply and feel increasingly more love, joy, gratitude and compassion
  4. 4. decisions and solutions arise naturally
  5. 5. you become master of your thoughts and learn to focus them in positive ways
  6. 6. you discover your emotions as the reliable guidance system they are meant to be
  7. 7. you recognize your experiences as life’s invitation to more growth and maturity
  1. 8. your self-worth, energy level and immune system benefit
  2. 9. your ability to set healthy boundaries grows
  3. 10. you become clearer and more confident in your authentic expression
  4. 11. you find a home within yourself, no matter what is happening on the outside
  5. 12. your creativity, love of life and attraction grows significantly
  6. 13. your heart expands, and all your relationships become more loving, intimate and effortless
  7. 14. you write a new life story, that is true for you

Questions & Answers

A session with me provides the space for a deep inner conversation – an inquiry, a meditative pause, feeling, asking and listening – that you basically have with yourself. It has very little to do with thinking. And anyone who honestly wants it, can do it. A session brings you in touch with levels of yourself that usually remain unnoticed or suppressed in our fast and noisy everyday life. And being in touch with ourselves on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – is the basis for every good relationship, whether with people, money, situations or your body.

This inner work leads to deeper self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love and enables us humans to develop true listening and understanding, real partnership, mastery of high complexity, as well as vision, innovation, wisdom and peace – within and outside.

Since our thoughts and established thought patterns distract us very easily and usually extremely successfully from a focus within, it is only wise to allow yourself support on this path.

Love – regardless of its popular romantic definition – is the feminine expression of a universal force that connects us all and of which we are an integral part. Presence is the masculine expression of this power. In presence, love can expand and be felt. Everyone – men and women –  has the capacity to connect with both aspects. A good balance between male and female power in us leads to balance in all areas of life and relationships.

The heart is an organ and an energy field in our human chest. Its powerful vibrations are measurable and connect us all and like the world-wide-web. It sends and receives like a radio station. The collective energy field that we form together in this way is part of an even larger energy field. It has many names. Some call it the source or quantum field. Others call it God, Great Spirit or Universe. For others, it’s just life or love itself.

Vision is the ability to see that arises when love expands in presence. To see through the eyes of love allows us to look far and into the future without our view being clouded by the past. This is where true creativity, innovation and co-creation begin. Sometimes it happens by accident. It always happens when we quiet our mind through focus – for example when making love, in creative activities, while romping around with children, or in the fascination of a glorious sun-set.

Through inner work and daily meditation, we no longer leave the mind to itself, and our emotional and mental dramas end. Moreover, we gain access to an ever larger spectrum of our intelligence that integrates the mind, the heart and the body.

We humans, on the smallest level, are – just like everything that surrounds us  – energy, consisting of billions of tiny little atoms. Each of our thoughts, words and emotions are also energy that we send out and receive. It is important to realize that we can only feel complete and in full power when our energy balance is complete. Anyone who constantly revolves around other people or situations with their thoughts, words and emotions is left without a large proportion of their energy. This is especially true for negative thoughts, words, and emotions. They literally tie up us and our energy where they are no longer available to us. This drains and weakens the body and the immune system.

Inner work ensures that we do not lose ourselves anymore emotionally or mentally, that we can set clear boundaries, that we take care of our needs and desires and that our energy balance is at its best. It enables us steadily to keep our energy with ourselves and to respond to a situation or a person from this inner center, instead of reacting out of our patterns and entanglements. When I can hold my energies together and no longer let rules, morals, judgments, opinions or demands of others tempt me to give them up, I land right in my inner center. And that is exactly the end of drama, conflict, overwhelm, competition, resentment, jealousy, fear, shame and guilt.

Our thoughts are based on beliefs that we have formed over the course of our lives from our experiences and our  ancestral and collective emotional genetic code. Thoughts that we think regularly, are called thought patterns or beliefs. And this is where our typical reaction and action patterns emerge from. Did you know, that we are only aware of 5% of the 70,000 thoughts that we think every day? So in order to change something in us and thus in our lives, we need control over our thoughts. Given their quantity and our unconsciousness, it quickly becomes clear that this is a pointless endeavor.

The good news is, however, that our thoughts trigger physical reactions in our body, called feelings or emotions. And we can sense them as soon as we become quiet. They are our safe navigation system through life and relationships. Becoming aware of the relationship between thoughts and emotions, learning the language of our navigation system and thus being able to consciously focus thoughts and feelings in a desired direction changes our lives. In an almost magical way! Inner work provides the space for it.

“You don’t become what you want. You become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey

Connecting with our own feelings/emotions leads to a healthy letting go process instead of clinging to things, people and circumstances based on fear. This kind of control in life, which ‘eats up’ a lot of energy and is extremely stressful for the body and mind, disappears in the connection process. Getting involved with my feelings means that I connect with my inner guidance. Learning to understand the signals of my inner guidance and to follow them gives me a secure control instrument over my life.

Being able to feel more also means that I become more vulnerable in the sense of being more receptive to all sensations. Maybe for the first time, I can allow tears. Maybe I finally feel real pleasure again, without watching a porn. Or I understand what has been going on in my partner for years. Vulnerability makes me more alive and more attractive for other people, because they will be able to feel us better. My ability to accept and show myself in my vulnerability makes me human, authentic and whole. 

Our minds handle complex amounts of data by ‘zipping’ them as stories and making them more compact. He chooses the genre depending on our influences and beliefs. The result is our cinema of life. Fortunately, we humans are much more than our minds. And this is the beginning of a New Story. It tells of the connection between our hearts and an intelligence that opens up to us beyond the intellectual world – as soon as we pause in our busyness and go inside.

Inner work begins right here. As soon as we start to calm our minds through regular mediation and self-inqiry, we are more and more often in a space that I call my inner center. From here, through my body and my heart space, I access an energy field that offers knowledge, answers and solutions that my mind cannot reach. From my inner center, I am able to think completely new thoughts, unaffected by my personal and our collective human conditioning. And I am able to write completely new stories. Or else, I can stop writing stories at all, and begin following my inner flow of impulses and insights from moment to moment. This has nothing to do with passivity. It is a state of highest presence, connectedness and alignment from which we are able to dance elegantly between stillness and action.

We humans are sentient beings. Even though our mind tells us otherwise. Our feelings/emotions are our inner guidance system. As a felt movement of energy in our body, they reflect what we are currently thinking. The ‘lump’ in the throat or the cramp in the stomach are small examples. In doing so, they give us information about the approximately 70,000 largely unconscious thoughts that we harbor every day and that determine our perception of life. These thoughts have the power to hold us in situations and relationships that we consciously do not want to experience.

Learning to understand our emotional guidance system gives us a safe navigational tool that allows us to recognize old patterns of thought, perception and action, and to leave those that no longer serve us, behind. Once understood, it is amazingly simple and clear. And as we master it, the way becomes clear for the changes we desire. Above all, however, our inner guidance connects us to a source of strength and inspiration that can only be experienced and inadequately described in words.

No, you do not need any previous experience and you can start with internal work at any time. All you need is an open mind and a clear commitment.

Everyone has a mother and a father. Both live on in us as our male and our female side and as gateways to our female and male lines and their support for our lives. Each of us needs a balance of both energies male and female in order to be able to be in harmony with the opposite gender in the outside world.

In addition, this balance allows us to live effectively and meaningfully without being drowning or burning out. Male energy is fire, female energy is water. Both need a mutual balance. To get in touch with your own inner man and woman, to get to know them, to enter into a dialogue with them is helpful and very powerful when it comes to this inner balance. Inner work provides the space for it.

Of course, this is very individual. Basically, it is possible to see results immediately. It usually takes a few weeks for noticeable and visible changes to occur. Above all, it becomes easier and starts to be fun. Inner work takes a little time. And as with every training, whether it’s sport, an instrument or a language, it’s about regularity. If you devote 15 minutes to it once or twice a day, you are already well on your way.

Over time, inner work will clearify all areas of your life and create lasting harmony for body, mind and soul. And you begin to experience wellbeing and abundance on all levels. This process can take a few months or a couple of years. And since we human beings always strive for expansion and growth, it will hardly ever end :-).

“When change comes, don’t focus on what it takes from you. Focus on what it brings you.”

 – Tulku Lobsang

We always have the choice to look at a situation, a person, a feeling or at any sort of change from more than one perspective. Our bandwidth of possible perspectives depends on how open and free we are within ourselves, or how stuck we are with unconscious conditioning that contradicts our true nature. Connecting with myself and finding out who I really am beyond my thoughts and patterns, brings me into a healthy and friendly relationship with any situation. 

Inner work helps us to to find new perspectives and write a new story about ourselves and our lives. And in doing so, we change the world. Each and every one of us.

The time is now!