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Super Soul Alignment

Co-Creation at its best


a New Time

We need powerful spaces in which we, as people, pioneers of the new era in all areas of society, can raise our vibration and recharge our energy fields.

My retreats are such energy portals that I facilitate in co-creation with some carefully chosen colleagues.

Our vision is to empower as many of you as possible in your energy and alignment so that nothing can stop you.

Just like you, my New Time Retreats are multifaceted and their focus is determined by the hosts who create and hold these spaces with me.

It is always about you as a soul being and about your alignment with the guidance of your soul. This guidance and its sources of power outshine everything else on this planet.

You experience your full power and uniqueness.
You become effective with no side effects.
And leading and following become one.

The Dragon Days Retreat – for women & men

Becoming You & Us

When women come together in a circle, not only does healing happen for them, but also for those around them. When women come together in a circle, magic and beauty are created. Life happens.

In a circle of sisters, we nourish our femininity. We let go of everything that no longer serves us and celebrate life. We become what we have always been: Life itself.

When men come together to consciously hold the space for a circle of women, they become what they have always been: They become guardians of life.

Welcome to the Dragon Days
The Dragon Days are a space of inner wisdom, of truthful connection and a space of the primal power of the feminine and the masculine. We dive into our unique beings, connect with our genius and beauty, and create a place where each of us naturally takes our unique place in the circle of community.

Our 7-day retreat is a luxurious celebration of the senses and connection. In this space, we create from the now and the shared flow. We align ourselves again and again with what naturally wants to unfold through us – individually and together. And we experience a new form of being “Me” and “Us”.

What do our days together look like?
We work without a fixed program, create from the moment and follow the guidance of our inner being. Our circle is made up exclusively of women and is accompanied by four hosts in large and small group sharing sessions, as well as individual coaching sessions and many elements of encounter.
✥ The men do not participate in the women’s inner circle. They support and protect it through their presence and focused attention and take care of the women’s well-being in organizational and culinary terms.

The following elements await you in the women’s circle
✥ Group sharings
✥ One-to-one sharings
✥ Dance and music, movement
✥ Inner journeys and journaling
✥ Play and exuberance
✥ Breathing exercises and breathwork
✥ Individual mentoring

Claudia Shkatov – Mentor of the New Time/Soul Activator
Nicole Broede – Integral Life Coach/Body Consciousness Teacher/Resilience Trainer

Why Dragons?

Together we are soul companians, friends and sisters, each with over 20 years of experience in one-to-one coaching, seminars and women’s circles as well as psychological, spiritual and visionary work.

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The Soul Quest Retreat – for teams

South Africa

Since ancient times, in moments of need, conflict, uncertainty, illness, challenge or great change, individuals or groups of people in many cultures have been sent out to spend time in the wilderness and in silence, to sit and listen until they receive answers and solutions to the questions that will secure the future of their tribes.

Today, it is up to families, businesses, governments, universities, media, NGOs, communities and future-relevant structures of all countries to send out courageous individuals and teams to go into the silence and wisdom of the wild natural spaces of our earth to receive answers to essential questions of our time.

Whether we receive them and how we integrate these answers will determine our future in all areas of our lives worldwide.

Our Soul Quest Retreat to the cradle of humanity and the pristine natural spaces of the Cape of Good Hope is a unique 10-day journey for trailblazers, leaders, mentors and pioneers of a New Era.

Bookable for teams and groups from 6 to a maximum of 10 participants.

One planet. One human race. It can be done. – Stephen Hawking